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Volunteer support of our members and community is central to the mission of Village Santa Cruz and we welcome the help of volunteers of all ages.

Goals of the Volunteer Program

* To support the mission of Village Santa Cruz by providing effective and quality services.

* To ensure volunteers have a pleasant and rewarding experience.

* To nurture and build community by developing ties to the individual members served and to other members and volunteers.

* To provide opportunities for new friendships to develop among volunteers and members as they participate in social events.

* To bring back a culture of neighbors helping neighbors, and respect for elders.

Many of us remember the list of tasks Mom and Dad had waiting for us when we went home to visit.  Any task you have performed (or still perform) as a good daughter or son, you might perform as a good neighbor, helping a senior who needs a bit of help with everyday tasks, in order to remain living in her/his home.

You can volunteer to assist members with tasks such as:

medical appointments
     (or "medical buddy")
social / cultural events
hairdresser / barber
grocery shopping

Household Assistance
cleanout refrigerator
change a hard-to-reach lightbulb
move furniture
computer help
Small job handyperson 
hang pictures   
repair leaky faucet
clean out gutters
Friendly Visits

For conversation
To play cards/board games
reader for failing eyesight
caregiver resp
Daily Check-In
(phone call or text)

Just know that your participation however you choose, will enrich our organization, our members' lives and your own.

Requirements and expectations of volunteers:

* Complete a background check.
* Attend at least one new-volunteer orientation.
* Attend any training as set forth by Village Santa Cruz for the specific volunteer job.
* Respect and confidentiality of members for whom a service is performed.
* Decline any gifts or tips that may be offered.

To discuss how you can volunteer, contact

Thank you!